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The DAO Research Collective (DRC) accelerates DAO functionality by procuring and open-sourcing research foundational to effective DAO operation, and we make the process more efficient by pooling capital and data from multiple DAO stakeholders. 


After identifying some of the most pressing challenges for DAOs, we organized and sponsored the articles and events linked below to help address those challenges. 

We’re just getting started: we’ll be releasing new research and running new initiatives for DAO operators and researchers every month.

About Us

Our team includes Connor Spelliscy, Tony Douglas Jr., Jacob Robinson, and David Kerr, and we are supported by Fellows including Andy Hall (Stanford), Derek Hsue (Reverie), Jonathan Dotan (Stanford), Larry Sukernik (Reverie), Maria Gomez (Interchain), Marc Boiron (dydx), Sam Hart (Interchain), Scott Moore (Gitcoin), Sina Habibian (Zeitgeist), and Shreyas Hariharan (Llama). 

Thanks to the Ethereum Foundation, Uni Grants Program, Aave Grants DAO, and Compound Grants for funding our work. 



The research linked below was sponsored and/or edited by the DRC.


Exploring a meta-metagovernance strategy employed by the FEI Protocol and a discussion of its implications… Read More or TL;DR


DAOs can reshape society by bringing democratic control to important economic and social activities previously governed through more hierarchical means… Read More


Absent the adoption of a new legal entity structure that serves the novel needs of DAOs, we discuss why we believe, at present, the Limited Cooperative Association (LCA) provides the most ideologically aligned legal framework for DAOs.… Read More


This piece explores autonomy in blockchain-based DAOs to investigate visions of algorithmic assemblages. Kelsie Nabben, the author of this paper, is a DAO Research Collective grant recipient… Read More


An exploration of the Unincorporated Non-Profit structure and its possible use to help DAOs with liability, taxes, contracting, and other critical legal issues. David Kerr, a co-author of this paper, is a DAO Research Collective Fellow and grant recipient… Read More or TL;DR


In Part 2 of this Defiant Essay, Connor Spelliscy and Holmes Wilson issue a call to action and lay out a primer for mobilizing the community to rescue the movement from regulation that could significantly impede, or even cripple, the crypto industry… Read More or TL;DR


In Part 1 of this Defiant Essay, Connor Spelliscy and Holmes Wilson argue that the cryptocurrency industry is confronting an existential crisis. The cause: regulation that could thwart the promise of the crypto movement… Read More or TL;DR


We gathered together some of the leading DAO founders, operators, and investors at the DAO Summit. We then separately interviewed more than 20 other brilliant DAO stakeholders, and asked them what they needed most. And here it is: a list of five of the most pressing questions for DAOs… Read More or TL;DR




The events linked below were organized by the DRC. 


The DAO Research Collective curated speakers for the DAO Talks at Unicode, the hackathon organized by Uniswap Grants Program and ETH Global. Our speakers included leading lawyers and researchers focused on DAO structuring and governance.. See Agenda or Video


Our presentation on the biggest challenges DAOs face and how they can be tackled more efficiently through collective R&D at the Ethereum Foundation’s biggest annual event… See More


The DAO Research Collective organized a Virtual DAO Summit for leaders in crypto to identify the most pressing issues for DAOs and strategies for resolving those issues. We partnered with the Stanford Center for Blockchain Research, the Ethereum Foundation, and Bankless for the event… See Agenda or Video

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We’re looking for experienced researchers and operators working on solutions to the most pressing issues faced by DAOs. If that’s what you’re working on, we’d love to hear from you.

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