Why we’re building the DAO Research Collective.

A non-profit helping make DAOs the future.

Our Mission

Given the nascency of DAOs, contributors have little precedent to guide operations. DAO contributors are now starting to research legal, governance, diversity, treasury management, tax, and other issues, but that research is scaling slowly and much of it is siloed within specific DAO communities.

When research is published for the benefit of the community, it is hosted on a variety of platforms, significantly increasing the burden for researchers and operators making decisions for their own organizations.

The DAO Research Collective (DRC) is a non-profit that accelerates DAO functionality by funding and open-sourcing DAO research, aggregating and curating DAO research for the community, and facilitating interactions between academics and operators.

We do this by (1) prioritizing issues for DAOs and procuring relevant research, (2) organizing research on our platform, and (3) hosting events to encourage collaborations between researchers and operators.

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